Automated Vehicle Inspection Program (AVIP)

What Changed with the New AVIP?

Official Inspection Stations and Inspection Mechanics now use a ruggedized tablet computer to guide them through the safety and emissions inspection. The new AVIP uses a wireless Onboard Diagnostic (OBDII) scan tool during emissions inspections to access and record the vehicle's OBDII data and a wireless printer.

Vermont's inspection criteria remains the same for each type of vehicle requiring inspection.

Inspection Station Tablet

Ruggedized tablet and customized software


What changed for the Official Inspection Stations?

AVIP Equipment

Inspection stations purchase AVIP inspection equipment from Parsons -- a ruggedized tablet OBD scan tool, wireless router (high-speed or dial-up) and a wireless printer. The ruggedized AVIP inspection tablets are equipped with a high-resolution, auto-focus camera which will make documenting troublesome vehicle issues, easy and efficient.


Training is provided to inspection stations and Inspection Mechanics at no cost, and all inspection equipment will be installed by Parsons. Parsons will operate a toll free Technical Support Hotline, and will maintain fulltime staff in Vermont. The State continues to provide licensing for inspection stations and certified Inspection Mechanics free of charge.

Inspection Tablet and printer

Top: Ruggedized tablet and customized software; Wireless router Bottom: OBD scan tool with data encryption; Wireless printer

What are the Benefits of the New AVIP System?

  • For inspection stations and Inspection Mechanics, this new modernized system will provide inspection protocols that will easily guide them through the inspection process.
  • The new AVIP offers instant access to required inspection procedures and rejection criteria.
  • Rejection criteria can be instantly shown to a motorist.
  • Inspection Mechanics will be able to immediately view previously identified vehicle component problems and failed inspections, prompting technicians to ensure proper repairs have been made. This will benefit everyone, as we can be better assured the vehicles sharing our roadways are safe.
  • Inspection Mechanics and inspection station staff will have immediate electronic access to bulletins from the DMV, and other information such as inspection-related forms.
  • Inspection stations will manage their inspection sticker inventory and order inspection supplies electronically.
  • Vehicle registrations will be immediately verified
  • An integrated Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) decoder will be provided.
  • Inspection stations will have access to safety and emission Recall Notifications from the inspection tablet

What are the Fees?

Inspection Fees: The fee per inspection for AVIP Official Inspection Stations will be $2.21. In addition, inspection stations will continue to pay the State $6.00 per inspection sticker, which is a fee set by Vermont's Legislature.

Equipment Pricing: Official Inspection Stations must purchase AVIP inspection equipment from Parsons. The equipment purchase price is $1,624.26 plus applicable taxes. This includes the ruggedized computer tablet with all applications and updates, OBD scan tool, wireless router (high-speed or dial-up), and wireless printer with toner replacement for normal AVIP use. Equipment payment options include paying in full as a one-time expense, or stations may choose to make monthly payment over a set period of time.


If you have questions about program enrollment or purchasing equipment for the call the AVIP Technical Support Hotline at: 877-445-9486 or e-mail them at

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