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How can I apply for a temporary registration & plate?

You can apply for a 60-day temporary registration/plate that you can display on your vehicle until you are able to come into a DMV office to complete your full registration. Click the ‘Apply for a Temporary Registration & Plate’ link under the Vehicle Registration section. You should review the information on the Getting Started section and will need to acknowledge that you are not a robot before continuing to the next screen.

Enter your Vermont driver’s license/permit/ID number, as well as the Document Discriminator number available on your physical card. Then enter your last name, the vehicle type for the vehicle you are applying for, and the VIN. Click ‘Next’ to progress to the section where you can verify the year, make, model, and color of the vehicle. Click ‘Next’ to fill out details about you as a customer, including your email and street addresses.

The next sections allow you to verify the fees, declare your certifications, and review a summary of the application. Click ‘Submit’ to process the request and progress to payment.