How long before I receive my license/ID if I apply online?


Yes. If all the requirements have been met, you will receive a renewed Driver's License

The online renewal PIN number does not contain the letters I or O. 

Yes. When entering the license/ID number online you must enter a capital A.

No. Endorsements and restrictions cannot be removed or changed online.

It is possible the DMV has conflicting identifying information in your record. Please contact us for assistance.

No. Your photo must be valid for four or more years to renew online.

No. DMV staff do not have access to your renewal letter PIN number.

If your license/ID has a star in the upper right hand corner, it is Real ID compliant and will be accepted by TSA for in-country flights.

No. Name changes must be done in person at a DMV office location.

No. You must visit a permanent DMV office with all of the required
documents to upgrade to an EDL.

There are no expedited services available.

You may enter a special mailing address if all of the required identifying information is provided.

Your license/ID number is a requirement to log into the online portal.

You can apply online up to 6 months in advance as long as you meet all other online requirements.

You will not receive a tracking number. The status of your online license/ID request can be found in the VT Online Portal after logging in with the required information.

No. The same fees apply if you were to apply in person or through the mail.

Yes as long as you meet all other online requirements.

No. The receipt is only to show payment confirmation.

No. You will receive a printable confirmation receipt.

A license can be renewed up to six (6) months prior to the expiration date.

Yes, the renewal application will still be mailed out. 

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