What kind of information does the IID record?

The IID collects and stores the information below, which is reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Department of Corrections.  This information is also provided to Project CRASH.

  • The date and time of any use, or attempted use of a vehicle including a photo of the driving compartment.
  • The date and time of any attempt to tamper, circumvent or bypass the device.
  • The date, time and alcohol concentration, in grams per 210 liters, of each breath sample provided to the device.
  • The date and time of any malfunctions of the device.
  • The date and time of any failures to provide retest samples.
  • The date and time a “service required” message is issued to the customer by the device.
  • The date any service is performed.
  • The mileage and hours of operation of the vehicle since the previous service was performed.

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