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DMV Warns Customers about Text Message Scams

sample of a scam text message

The Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) reminds customers that it will never ask for personal information related to Driver’s License number, Social Security number, or financial information through text or unsolicited phone calls or email.

The DMV has heard from multiple customers who have received text messages directing them to an unfamiliar link. If a link does not direct customers to the main DMV website at (or, it is NOT from the DMV.

The DMV does not send customers unsolicited requests for information. When the DMV texts or emails customers, it is based on an action initiated by the customer. For example, customers may receive an appointment reminder or cancelation notice by text or email from the DMV. Customers may also receive an email related to DMV services that direct customers to the website to take action if they choose. Also, when a customer has initiated contact with the DMV, further information may be requested.

The department recommends that customers ignore or delete any unsolicited texts or emails requesting personal information claiming to be on behalf of the DMV. Customers can report the phishing attacks to the Vermont Attorney General at