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Removal of Old Stickers from License Plates

vermont license plate

One of the standout features of Act 41 (signed into law in June) is the elimination of the license plate validation sticker. Say goodbye to the tedious task of affixing those stickers on your license plates. Act 41 also ushers in a new era of convenience by allowing vehicle operators to present proof of registration electronically on a portable electronic device. This means you can now show up-to-date registration with a tap on your smartphone or other mobile devices.


With no plate stickers, do I still have to register my vehicle?

Yes. You are still required to maintain a current vehicle registration, and a valid registration certificate is required to complete your vehicle inspection.

How do I get a new license plate if I do not want to have a registration sticker on my license plate?

Replacement plates are available. Since removing the sticker is not a requirement, the replacement plate fee will be due. You may apply for a standard-issue replacement license plate using form VD-016 (Replacement Plate Application) or by logging into your myDMV account and selecting Request Replacement Registration or New Plate.

Do I have to remove the sticker(s) from my license plate?

You are not required to remove any existing sticker(s) on license plates. You may cover a registration sticker with a masking material such as tape if you wish; however, covering or removing your sticker is unnecessary.

With no sticker on plates, how will law enforcement know my vehicle is registered?

Vermont and out-of-state law enforcement agencies have electronic access to the DMV’s database from their patrol vehicles, allowing them to verify whether a vehicle registration is valid.

I just received plates, where is the sticker?

Date validation stickers are no longer required.

On June 1, 2023, Act 41 was signed into law. Among other things, Act 41 amends multiple sections of codified law to eliminate the annual (or biennial) validation sticker that previously went on license plates.