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Registration/Tax/Title Application

To apply for registration and title (if applicable). Used for new transactions, transfers, renewals, title-only transactions, adding or deleting an owner, lease buyouts, and IRP transactions.

Certification of Tax Exemption

To request exemption of tax because the tax was paid to another state, the vehicle was received as a gift, the vehicle is equipped with altered controls or a mechanical lifting device for a disabled person, or the vehicle was transferred from an individual or business to a business controlled by the transferor. Form VT-014 replaced VT-013, VT-029 & VD-050 in July of 2022.

Assignment of VIN/HIN

To request a VIN/HIN be assigned when the vehicle has never had or no longer has a proper VIN/HIN number.


The following is a list of conditions that will allow you to register your vehicle exempt from payment of the Vermont Purchase and Use Tax:

A vehicle owned or leased by the government

You will be required to submit proof of government ownership.

A vehicle owned or leased by a religious or charitable institution

These groups must submit the following documentation:

Exempt Vehicle Title

A Vermont resident may apply at any time to the Commissioner to obtain an “exempt vehicle title” for a vehicle over 15 years old.

Issuance of Exempt Vehicle Title upon Request

DMV will issue an exempt vehicle title if the following criteria are met:

  • The applicant pays the applicable fee
  • The applicant is the owner of the vehicle
  • The applicant is a Vermont resident
  • The vehicle is not subject to any liens or encumbrances

Before issuing an exempt vehicle title, all of the following are required:

CDL Exemptions

The following vehicles are not considered commercial motor vehicles. Operators of these vehicles are exempt from Commercial Driver’s License requirements:

Exempt Title Affidavit

To apply, as a Vermont resident, for an exempt vehicle title on a vehicle that is more than 15 years old.
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