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Social Media

STOP, and Think Before You Post on Social Media

Passing your driver's test is a big accomplishment but stop posting pictures of your new license on social media. You are most likely well aware that when you approach a stop sign, you must look in all directions before proceeding. The same fundamental rule of the road should be applied when posting on social media.

Connect With DMV on Social Media

DMV uses social media to interact with, and inform, the public. Follow us on social media to see what we're working on and join the conversation. 

Social Media Policy

The State of Vermont, Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) engages with the public through the social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Social media use by the DMV creates an opportunity for Vermonters of all ages to engage with the DMV and extend traditional channels for constituent service.  The site also offers constituents with diverse views an opportunity to engage with each other as they might in a local Town Meeting or other governmental public meeting.  Content and comments on this site will be moderated accordingly as set forth below.

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