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Temporary License

Temporary License

When you apply for a Driver's License or Non-Driver Identification, you will be given a temporary paper license or temporary paper non-driver identification. The temporary license/identification card is valid for 45 days; the permanent card will be mailed to your Vermont mailing address within 7-10 business days. The temporary license/identification card is paper with a black and white digital image.

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Is my temporary License valid in other states?

Yes, your temporary Driver's License is valid in every US State.

Why should I renew my license early?

A temporary License (or ID) may not be accepted for certain identification purposes. Activities such as boarding airplanes and completing financial transactions will be easier with your permanent License/ID in your possession.

What information is contained on the Temporary License/ID?

The Temporary License/ID contains a black and white image, demographic information (name, address, etc.), and credential information (endorsements, restrictions, etc.). The Temporary License/ID also contains the expiration date of the temporary document as well as a website to track the status of your permanent card.

Can I board a plane with a Temporary License/ID?

TSA will NOT accept a Temporary License/ID as a standalone document. It will accept the expiring or expired card with the Temporary License/ID as proof of the renewal. Customers should visit TSA’s website which contains detailed information on the identity documents they will accept: