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Law Enforcement Bulletin 23-4 | Storm Relief Increased Vehicle Gross Weight Limits

DMV Enforcement Vehicle

Law Enforcement Bulletin 2023-4

Vermont State Government is aware of the strain on motor carriers as they work diligently to assist Vermonters in recovering from the devasting effects of the recent flooding.

Effective immediately, all truck trailer combinations or truck tractor, semi-trailer combinations providing storm-related relief with six or more load-bearing axles that meet all the requirements in 23 V.S.A. § 1392(17), including the combination must have, as a minimum, a distance of 51 feet between extreme axles, and possesses a valid special annual permit to operate at a gross weight of 99,000 pounds shall be allowed to operate at an increased gross weight of 108,000 pounds.

This modification will remain in place until the existing Governor's Executive Order is amended or rescinded.