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Derby Line

School Bus Clinic Location
Derby Elementary School
907 Elm Street
Derby Line, VT 05830

School Bus Clinic - Derby


LOCATION:   Derby Elementary School  907 Elm St  Derby Line, VT

DATE:  December 03, 2022  8:00 am to 4:30 pm

INSTRUCTOR:  Marston Cubit   CONTACT:  (802)487-7447

FEE:  $50.00  (Cash or Check)

NOTES:  Please be on time.  Dress for the weather.  Enter through the main entrance of the school.  Snacks Provided.  Bring your own lunch or the "Circle K" is 1 mile away.  All COVID related guidance for the facility will be followed.  If you are ill or feeling ill, please do not attend the clinic.

School Bus Clinic - Derby

School Bus Clinic - Derby Line

LOCATION: Derby Elementary School  907 Elm Street  Derby Line, Vermont

DATE:  Saturday  June 25, 2022   8:00 am to 4:30 pm

INSTRUCTOR:  Marston Cubit    CONTACT:  (802)766-8844

COST:  $50.00  (Cash or Check)

NOTE:  Please be on time.  Contact Instructor to reserve spot.  Bring a pen and paper for taking note, Manuals will be provided.  Snacks will also be provided.  Bring your lunch or there is a Circle K 1 mile from the school.  If you are ill or feeling ill please do not attend the clinic.  All COVID Guidance for the facility will be followed.

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