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Visor cards available to help people with hearing loss communicate with law enforcement

Image of the deaf visor card

Vermonters can obtain visor cards at any DMV office.

The cards state clearly at the top, “I am deaf or hard of hearing. This card is to help drivers with hearing loss communicate with police officers.” There are tips for how officers should communicate with the cardholder, followed by options that cardholders can point to indicating how best to communicate (writing, texting, lip-reading, etc.) with them. On the back, there are graphics with one-word labels that officers can point to under “I need to see your” (license, registration, insurance, other) and “Violations.” The last section is “Help” and lists options for cardholders to show the officer what they need (medical, lost, tow, etc.).

To obtain a visor card;

  • Please complete the online contact form and request to have a visor card (DMV form # VG-100) mailed to you.
  • Call 802.828.2000 and request to have a visor card (DMV form # VG-100) mailed to you.
  • Or visit any DMV office.