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Dealer Bulletin 24-2 | Title Law Changes

In December of 2023, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) communicated with all dealers regarding the upcoming changes to Vermont titling laws. It has been brought to the DMV’s attention that one of the statute changes does not align with DMV’s newly implemented electronic process. The new system has been programmed based on the Department’s intent, however, with this misalignment, we need to modify our procedures.   We will be reverting to pre-2024 processes. What that means is any vehicle that is 2009 or older will only be required to submit a bill of sale to obtain registration. We will NOT be titling these vehicles at this time.

When most dealers accept a vehicle in a trade that is over 15 years old without a current title, dealers currently collect the last registration certificate. That process should continue. Below is the information specific to dealers outlining changes to align with the new procedures. Common Questions and Answers I’m a Vermont Auto Dealer and I have vehicles on my lot that are over 15 years old that I do not have a title or registration.  They were acquired prior to 01-01-24. What do I need for documentation?

  • A bill of sale to the new owner.

I’m a Vermont Auto Dealer who is buying/taking in trade a vehicle that is model year 2009 or older. It does not have a registration, or a title and it is after 01-01-24. What do I need for documentation?

  • A bill of sale from the dealer to the new owner.

**As stated above, if the registration certificate is available, the dealer should collect it, but it is not necessary to include supporting documentation at this time. **