Single Trip Permit

Single Trip Permits may be issued to cover a single trip within seven (7) working days of issuance.

US Route 4 Permit

Permits for US Route 4 from the New Hampshire state line to the junction of VT Route 100 South.

Self-Issue Crane Permits

The Special Purpose Motor Vehicle In Excess of the Statutory Limits Permit was created to expedite the issuance of crane permits.

When do I need to obtain an overdimension or overweight permit?

A permit must be obtained if any of the following dimensions are exceeded:

  • 8' 6" wide
  • 13' 6" high
  • 75' long combination vehicle/46' long single vehicle
  • The gross weight of the vehicle or vehicle combination and load must not exceed limits imposed by statutes. (Gross weight includes weight of the motor truck or truck/tractor-trailer or semi-trailer combination, plus the heaviest load to be transported).

See 23 V.S.A. §1392 Gross Limits on Highways


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