Self Propelled Cranes

“Truck crane” shall mean a motor truck equipped with a permanently mounted hoisting apparatus, winch, or derrick, designed for the moving of objects, with no provision for carrying a load on the body of such truck crane except equipment used for the operation of a hoisting apparatus, winch, or derrick. Cranes will be considered a non-divisible load, meaning it cannot be broken down and will be allowed to travel with counter weights and boom.

If leaving the counter weights and boom on the crane causes it to exceed its registered weight you must apply for a Single Trip Permit through the Permits Unit for review by Engineering, or if you have a Self Issue Crane permit account (see SELF-ISSUE CRANE PERMITS) you may self issue according to the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles established program of self issuance.

Crane operators are required to get a Single Trip Permit, which will only be issued for approved routes. If traveling on a route that has not been surveyed for a crane, the engineers must review the vehicle dimensions and weight along with the requested routing. A diagram of the crane would have to be submitted along with the axle weights, axle spacing and tire size.

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