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Blanket Permit - Annual


A Blanket Permit is the written authorization granted by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles for the movement of a vehicle or combination vehicle and its nondivisible load with prescribed limits of size and/or weight over State/Interstate highways.

Note:  Vehicles obtaining blanket permits for weight must be registered to the maximum limit and so configured as to legally meet the road limit in accordance with 23 VSA §1391 & §1392.


Blanket Permits are issued for nondivisible loads.  For this purpose nondivisible means any load or vehicle exceeding applicable dimension or weight limits which, if separated into smaller loads or vehicles, would:

  1. Compromise the intended use of the vehicle, i.e., make it unable to perform the function for which it was intended;
  2. Destroy the value of the load or vehicle, i.e., make it unusable for its intended purpose; or
  3. Require more than eight (8) work hours to dismantle using appropriate equipment.  The applicant for a nondivisible load permit has the burden of proof as to the number of work hours required to dismantle the load.

Note:  Nondivisible does not prohibit the movement of more than one piece when the permit is issued for the largest piece and additional pieces do not cause the total load to exceed a dimension already allowed by the permitting of the original piece. For instance, a permit issued for an over width wooden truss would remain valid if a number of trusses were piled on but that action did not cause the load to exceed the width of the original truss or cause the load to be overlength, over height, or overweight. 

Download the PDF form to your computer and then open it with Adobe Reader

Title Sort descending ID# Description
Blanket Permit for Low Bed Trailers
Annual Permit for Low Bed Equipment Trailer. Previously known as VX-021.
Blanket Permit for Over Dimension/Over Weight Loads
Annual Blanket Permits are Issued for Non-Divisible, Over Dimension/Over Weight Loads that will expire with the vehicle's registration. Out of state applicants must include a copy of their current registration. Previously known as VX-002.
Blanket Permit for Special Purpose Vehicles
Annual Permit for Well Drilling Rigs and Concrete Pump Trucks Only.
Rules for Overweight Overdimension Permits
Rules and instructions governing overweight and over-dimension vehicle permits.


What information is required when requesting a Super Load Permit and Engineering Review?

See the Application and Requirements (form #CVO-106).

How do I obtain Vermont overdimension permits?
  • Complete and mail an application with the correct fee to Commercial Vehicle Operations.
  • Walk into the Commercial Vehicle Unit in Montpelier, Vermont.
  • Contact a Permit Service Company.
  • Faxed permit applications are accepted if you have an established escrow account.