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Municipal Weight Limits

Special Weight Limits for Highways and Bridges

All Vermont municipalities are required to file a report of special weight limits for highways and bridges with the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles. This is a legal requirement as outlined in Chapter 13, Subchapter 15 of 23 V.S.A. Sections 1400b and 1400c.

Any special municipal weight limits on highways or bridges are unenforceable unless the municipality has filed a report of special weight limits with the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles within 3 working days of the date of the weight limit posting. The municipality's responsibility is to keep records documenting the time and date a highway or bridge is posted and keep current restrictions on file with the Vermont DMV. Failure of a municipality to file this information with the Vermont DMV results in such postings being null and void.

If the municipality has not filed a report or if the report presently on file with this department is for a year ending prior to the current date any weight limit restrictions/postings made by that municipality are invalid.

Please note that those municipalities that have filed a current, unexpired report with the Vermont DMV appear in the listing with a link to their completed report. Those municipalities that are linked to blank reports or an expired report do not currently have highways/bridges that have legally posted weight limits.

All Municipal Highways & Bridges Weight Limit Records that are currently on file with the Vermont DMV are available for viewing/printing. 

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