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Emergency Moves


For the purpose of these permits, an emergency is defined as follows:

"A calamity, existing or imminent, which requires immediate remedial action to protect life, property and the environment".  The fact a contractor or mover is being delayed in the execution of a job or contract or has a crew waiting for a piece of equipment is not sufficient justification for an emergency permit.

The request must be based upon such an emergency condition.  If it is necessary to make an emergency move at a time the Department of Motor Vehicles is closed, the applicant must contact the Department of Public Safety, Central Communications Center, 802-244-8727, Waterbury, Vermont and give a brief description of the emergency.  The Department of Public Safety will contact the authorized official for the Department of Motor Vehicles and provide information on the nature of the emergency.


The following procedure must be followed and the permit number issued prior to the move.

a. The person requesting the permit must provide the following information:

  1. Reason for the emergency move request.
  2. Complete name of mover.
  3. Description of load.
  4. Overall dimensions and weight of vehicle and load.
  5. Description of towing vehicle and trailer.
  6. Total number of axles.
  7. Axle spacing.
  8. Tire sizes (weight in excess of eighty thousand [80,000] pounds).
  9. Exact location of load.
  10. Exact destination.
  11. All routes requested.
  12. Any additional information requested by the authorized Department of Motor Vehicles official.

b.  The Department of Motor Vehicles authorized official will contact the Agency of Transportation for restrictions on bridges and road conditions when appropriate.

      Authorized Official:  Vermont Agency of Transportation

c.  Based on the information provided, the authorized Department of Motor Vehicle official will determine any special restrictions to be attached to the permit.

  1. The mover will be issued a special number preceded by the initials of the authorizing official.
  2. The mover may be assessed a fee.
  3. The authorized official will be responsible for notifying pertinent state and local law enforcement of the conditions of the move.

Authorized Official:  Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles Commissioner or his/her designee

Download the PDF form to your computer and then open it with Adobe Reader

Title Sort descending ID# Description
Rules for Overweight Overdimension Permits
Rules and instructions governing overweight and over-dimension vehicle permits.


What information is required when requesting a Super Load Permit and Engineering Review?

See the Application and Requirements (form #CVO-106).

How do I obtain Vermont overdimension permits?
  • Complete and mail an application with the correct fee to Commercial Vehicle Operations.
  • Walk into the Commercial Vehicle Unit in Montpelier, Vermont.
  • Contact a Permit Service Company.
  • Faxed permit applications are accepted if you have an established escrow account.