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Relating to gifting a vehicle to another person.

Certification of Tax Exemption

To request exemption of tax because the tax was paid to another state, the vehicle was received as a gift, the vehicle is equipped with altered controls or a mechanical lifting device for a disabled person, or the vehicle was transferred from an individual or business to a business controlled by the transferor. Form VT-014 replaced VT-013, VT-029 & VD-050 in July of 2022.


Registering a used vehicle received as a gift

You must provide the original title in the donor's name to qualify for the gift exemption if the vehicle was registered or titled in another jurisdiction/state. If the vehicle was not titleable in the previous jurisdiction, you must provide the original (or a certified copy) of the registration certificate in the donor's name.

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I am gifting my vehicle to someone, can I also gift my plates to them to use?

No, you may gift your personally owned vehicle to anyone you choose, but the plates belong to you, not the vehicle. The new owner must apply for new plates and registration under their name.

Exception: some low-number plates can be transferred to a family member.