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Low Number License Plates

How to Apply for a Low-Number Plate

Low Number Plate

New Registration
  • Complete a registration tax and title form
  • Complete the low number plate application (VD-166)
  • Bring the forms to any office or mail to Montpelier
  • There is no additional fee for the low-number plate
The vehicle is currently registered
  • Complete the low-number plate application
  • Bring the forms to any office or mail to Montpelier
  • A replacement plate fee is required
Family or Specific Low Number License Plate

A low-number plate can be reassigned to a family member. Complete the Family Specific Low Number Application (VD-167) and bring the form to any office or mail it to Montpelier.

General Information
  • The applicant must be a Vermont resident.
  • The application must be for a Passenger Car, Motorcycle, Motor Home, or Truck (registered at 6,099 lbs or less)
  • The applicant cannot have more than three low-number plates registered under their name (including a vehicle that is leased by him/her or in a Trust for the applicant).
  • Applicants cannot have another low number assigned to them (privately owned vehicle, leased vehicle, or Trust) if they received a low number within the last twelve months.

Download the PDF form to your computer and then open it with Adobe Reader

Related Forms & Information
Title Sort descending ID# Description
Low Number Plate
To convert new registrations or current plates over to a low number plate.
Low Number Plate (Family Specific)
To request a low plate number which previously belonged to a family member.
Registration/Tax/Title Application
To apply for registration and title (if applicable).

Use for new registration, transfer, renewal, title-only, adding or deleting an owner, lease buyout, and IRP.


How can I Request Sample Plates?

Go to and click the ‘Request Sample Plates’ hyperlink on the Vehicle Inquiry panel. You should review the information in the Getting Started section and will need to acknowledge that you are not a robot before continuing to the next section.  

Enter the Requester’s name. Use the ‘Add a Plate’ hyperlink to add the sample plates you would like to purchase. Select the plate type and enter the number of plates you want to order. Click ‘Next’.  

Enter the mailing address. Click the ‘Verify Address’ button and confirm the verified address. Click ‘Next’ to continue.  

Confirm the number of plates and transaction fees. Click ‘Next’.

Review the name, mailing address, and amount due for the order. Click ‘Submit’.

Review the items in the cart and click ‘Checkout.’

Then, follow the prompts to complete the payment.  

Click Confirm to submit the payment, after which the sample plate order has been completed.  

How can I Check Personalized Plate Availability?

Go to and click the ‘Check Personalized Plate Availability’ link under the Vehicle Inquiry section. Enter the Vehicle Type and Plate Type of the plate you would like to check, followed by the text to check in the Plate ID field. Check the checkbox to verify that you are not a robot, then click the ‘Check Availability’ button to run the search.

The check’s results will be displayed in the space beneath the plate image on the right-hand side of the screen.

I no longer need my plates, what do I do with them?

You are not required to return plates to DMV. If you want to return plates, please mail them to us. If you are selling your car, do NOT leave your plates on the car.

I just received plates, where is the sticker?

Date validation stickers are no longer required.

On June 1, 2023, Act 41 was signed into law. Among other things, Act 41 amends multiple sections of codified law to eliminate the annual (or biennial) validation sticker that previously went on license plates.