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Intransit Plates/Permits

An Intransit plate is available to legally move a newly purchased vehicle prior to obtaining a new registration and is only valid for travel to destination that is listed on the application. Complete and submit an Intransit Plate/Permit application (form #VD-032) and pay the appropriate fee. The applicant for the Intransit Plate must show a bill of sale and (if applicable) a properly assigned title to prove vehicle was purchased in Vermont. Note: The title does not have to be a Vermont title.

  • Intrastate intransit plate
    is valid for 10 days and is valid for moving from point A in Vermont to point B in Vermont. Intrastate intransit plates are only available to Vermont Residents.
  • Interstate intransit plate
    is valid for 30 days and is valid for moving from point A in Vermont to point B outside of Vermont.

Intransit Plates can not be renewed nor another permit issued for the same vehicle.

Download the PDF form to your computer and then open it with Adobe Reader

Title Sort descending ID# Description
Intransit Plate/Permit Application
To apply for plate and permit to transport newly purchased vehicles within VT or for transporting from VT to another state.


I no longer need my plates, what do I do with them?

You are not required to return plates to DMV. If you want to return plates, please mail them to us. If you are selling your car, do NOT leave your plates on the car.

I just received plates, where is the sticker?

Please put the plates on your vehicle, the paperwork that came with the plates is your temporary registration. If you need an inspection, use the temporary registration. The certificate and sticker will arrive by mail within about two weeks.

Where do I place the registration sticker on my plates?
  • For vehicles issued registration plates with dimensions of approximately 12 x 6 inches, in the lower right corner of the rear registration plate; and
  • For vehicles issued a registration plate with a dimension of approximately 7 x 4 inches, in the upper right corner of the rear registration plate.