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What documentation do I need?

Use our Registration Required Documents Wizard to determine the documentation and forms required for your registration.

Calculating the Purchase & Use Tax

Purchase and Use Tax is due at the time of registration and/or title at a percentage of the purchase price or the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) clean trade-in value, whichever is greater, minus the value of the trade-in vehicle or any other allowable credit.

If registering by mail, include a printed NADA valuation (dated in the last seven days) with your paperwork.

More information on taxes...

Purchased from a Vermont dealer

As a rule, the dealer takes care of all of the requirements.

Purchased from an out-of-state dealer

You need to submit the following documents obtained from the dealer:

  • Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin (MCO) or Title
  • Bill of Sale & Odometer Disclosure Statement

Complete a Vermont Registration, Tax, and Title application and submit it (together with the above documentation and the appropriate fees) to the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles. 

Purchased in a private sale

You need to submit the following documents obtained from the person you purchased the vehicle from (the previous owner):

  • Properly assigned title
    • The proper assignment requires all the owners listed on the title to sign as sellers in the assignment of ownership section on the back of the title, and the new owner’s name must be entered on the “transferred to” line. Any liens listed on the title must be released.
  • VIN Verification if the title is branded Salvage
  • Bill of Sale & Odometer Disclosure Statement
  • If registering by mail, include the NADA value printout.

Complete a Vermont Registration, Tax, and Title application and submit it (together with the above documentation and the appropriate fees) to the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles.

Download the PDF form to your computer and then open it with Adobe Reader

Related Forms & Information
Title Sort descending ID# Description
Bill of Sale (BOS) & Odometer Disclosure Statement (ODS)
To transfer ownership of a motor vehicle and state current mileage. Odometer Disclosure Statement is required for vehicles model year 2011 or newer.
Registration Application Instructions
Instructions for registration, tax, and title form VD-119.
Registration/Tax/Title Application
To apply for registration and title (if applicable).

Use for new registration, transfer, renewal, title-only, adding or deleting an owner, lease buyout, and IRP.


How do I change the address on my registration?

In-Person: Complete the Replacement Registration Form (form #VD-040) and schedule an appointment to visit a Vermont DMV Office.

By Mail: Complete the Replacement Registration Form (form #VD-040) and mail with any required fees to:

Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles 120 State Street Montpelier, VT 05603-0001

Online: Go to, and log into your myDMV account. Once logged in, select the ‘Update My Address’ link in the I Want To panel. The first address available for changing is your mailing address for the vehicle; you can choose to change this address or not. The next address displayed is the physical address, which you can choose to change. Selecting ‘Yes’ to either of these options will bring up fields where you can enter the new address. At the end of the process, click ‘Submit’ to process the request.

Is the Out of State Registration Certification form required for vehicles not being titled in Vermont?

Yes. Any motor vehicle being registered using an out-of-state address must have this form.

Can I register my vehicle in Vermont if I don’t reside there?

Yes. However, you must have the Out of State Registration Certification form (VN-102) completed by your home state DMV or a comparable agency, verifying that you have no requirement to register your vehicle there.

Please note this form is reviewed by our DMV Enforcement Division. It’s advisable to check with your home state before registering in Vermont.

If I have a vehicle jointly registered with a Vermont resident but I live out of state, do I need the Out of State Registration Certification form?


If I need to appoint a Power of Attorney, can I use my own form?

No. You must use the Vermont DMV Vehicle Power of Attorney form (VN-101)

Can someone else fill out the registration application form for me?

Someone else can complete the form for you, but the owner(s) must sign and date the application.

If the application is signed by someone who is acting as the "authorized agent" of the owner(s), you must include a completed DMV Power of Attorney (form VN-101).

How do I take a name off my registration?

Both owners listed on the title must sign it over to whoever will remain on the title (in section one on the back of the title). Fill out sections 1-4 and 8 on the registration application and mail the title and registration application to our main office in Montpelier with the appropriate fees.

You must also provide an updated odometer reading.

If one of the owners is deceased, attach a copy of that person’s death certificate.

How long after I register my vehicle do I have to get it inspected?

Vehicles not displaying a valid Vermont inspection sticker must be inspected within 15 days of registration. If the vehicle is driven within these 15 days (without a valid inspection sticker affixed), the vehicle must still be in good mechanical condition and meet the Vermont Safety Inspection Standards.

Remember, you must present an insurance identification card to the inspection station to show proof of insurance or the vehicle cannot be inspected.

My registration, license or title has not arrived yet. What should I do?

You must notify the DMV within 60 days of issuance if you do not receive your registration/license/title. If DMV is not notified within this timeframe, the purchase of a replacement may be required.

Use our contact form here 

When must a vehicle be registered in Vermont?

Residents must annually register motor vehicles owned or leased for a period of more than 30 days and operated by them, unless currently registered in Vermont. A Resident who has moved to Vermont from another jurisdiction must register their motor vehicles within 60 days of moving to Vermont. It is illegal for a person to operate a motor vehicle or draw a trailer or semi-trailer on any highway unless such vehicle is registered.

I just received plates, where is the sticker?

Date validation stickers are no longer required.

On June 1, 2023, Act 41 was signed into law. Among other things, Act 41 amends multiple sections of codified law to eliminate the annual (or biennial) validation sticker that previously went on license plates.

Do I need a Vermont license to register a vehicle in Vermont?

No, not necessarily. For more detail visit the "Moving to Vermont" page.

Does the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles assess any tax on my vehicle when I register it?