Moving to Vermont

You must obtain a Vermont vehicle registration upon establishing residency in this state.  This must be done no longer than 60 days after moving to Vermont or if your out-of-state vehicle registration expires before the end of this 60-day period you must obtain a Vermont vehicle registration before it expires (whichever occurs first). Two facts that you should be aware of when registering a vehicle in Vermont are:

  1. All vehicles must have liability insurance coverage in an amount that is not less than the statutory minimums.
  2. Upon registering your vehicle you will have 15 days in which to get the vehicle inspected at a Vermont Licensed Inspection Station.

To obtain your Vermont vehicle registration you must provide DMV with the following:

  • A completed Registration Application Form (VD-119),
  • The title to the vehicle (if the title to the vehicle is being held by the lien holder, you (the owner/lessee) must appear in person at one of our DMV locations with the full name and address of the lien holder. You would need to provide your original registration from your previous state. In this situation, only the owner/lessee may proceed with this transaction and only by appearing in person at a DMV office,
  • An updated (current) odometer reading,
  • Proof of the dollar amount of Purchase and Use or Sales tax paid on the vehicle to any previous state. Must include vehicle and owner information.
    • Note: At the time of registration a value will be assessed to your vehicle using one of the NADA guides. This value will be used to determine the amount of taxes due. If you have proof of payment of taxes to another state, in your name, on that vehicle, we will deduct that amount from the taxes due to Vermont. If the taxes paid to the other state are less than the taxes due to the state of Vermont, you will be required to pay the difference.
    • Proof of Purchase and Use or Sales Tax paid is not required if you have owned the vehicle for over three years in a state that collects tax. You must either provide the title displaying an issue date of 3 years or more in the past OR supply 3 years worth of registrations (current registration is only creditable up to the current date).
    • No credit is allowed for property or excise tax paid. Rule of thumb - if the tax paid was deductible per IRS rule, it is a Personal Property Tax not a Purchase and Use or Sales Tax.
  • VIN Verification, and
  • Payment of any and all required fees.

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