Vanity (Personalized) Plates

Any person registering a vehicle in Vermont may request a "vanity" plate. 

  • If the vehicle is not currently registered in Vermont, complete a Vermont Registration, Tax and Title Application (VD-119). Submit fees for registration, including the additional Vanity (Personalized) plate fee and the application for the Vanity (Personalized) Plate (VD-017).
  • An annual fee (in addition to the annual registration fee) is required for "vanity" plates.
  • Delivery of Special Plates may take up to 30 days from date of application.
  • A combination of letters, numbers or spaces may be used.
    • No more than two (2) numbers are allowed in combination with letters. 
    • The Department considers “O” to be a number (zero).
    • Dots, dashes or other special characters or symbols cannot be used. 
    • The plate cannot begin with the letter “Z”. 
    • A single letter plate is acceptable; however, the letter cannot be an “I”, “J”, “O” or “Z”.   
  • A maximum of seven (7) characters may be used, with the following exceptions;
    • Antique and Exhibit plates are limited to a maximum of four (4) characters.
    • Handicapped plates are limited to a maximum of five (5) characters.
    • Moped, motorcycle and small trailer plates are limited to maximum of (6) characters.

23 V.S.A. § 304 Registration certificates; number plates; vanity and other special plates

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Please put the plates on your vehicle, the paperwork that came with the plates is your temporary registration. If you need an inspection, use the temporary registration. The certificate and sticker will arrive by mail within about two weeks.


Act 71, which became law on July 1, 2017, removed any end date from the law that authorizes certain motor vehicles registered in Vermont to display Vermont Strong plates that cover a regular front license plate. See Law Enforcement Bulletin here.

No, you may gift your personally owned vehicle to anyone you choose, but the plates belong to you and not to the vehicle. The new owner must apply for new plates and registration under their name.

  • For vehicles issued registration plates with dimensions of approximately 12 x 6 inches, in the lower right corner of the rear registration plate; and
  • For vehicles issued a registration plate with a dimension of approximately 7 x 4 inches, in the upper right corner of the rear registration plate.

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