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Referencing oversize, overweight, or over-dimension motor vehicles.

Permitting Rules

Rules and Instructions Governing Overweight and Over Dimension Vehicle Permits.

Special Excess Weight Permits

Annual written authorization granted by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles for the movement of a vehicle or combination vehicle and its divisible load up to specific weight limits over state highways.

Single Trip Permit

Single Trip Permits may be issued to cover a single trip within seven (7) working days of issuance.

Self-Issue Crane Permits

Carriers utilizing the self-issue permit process must fall into one of the established crane categories. Crane categories have been established for two (2), three (3), four (4) and five (5) axle cranes. These categories include structures that require a five (5) mile per hour speed limit when being crossed and also listings of structures that cannot be crossed to include bridges and culverts. The crane categories were developed based on actual measured weights and axle spacings provided by the Department of Motor Vehicles. These lists are dynamic and minor changes are anticipated as bridges are either replaced or re-rated due to a change in condition. It is anticipated, other than; an emergency situation (i.e. structure posting/restriction/closing), any updates will be done on an annual basis...

View a Self-Issue Crane Restriction Map here.

Blanket Permit for Over Dimension/Over Weight Loads

Annual Blanket Permits are Issued for Non-Divisible, Over Dimension/Over Weight Loads that will expire with the vehicle's registration. Out of state applicants must include a copy of their current registration. Previously known as VX-002.
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If a truck is overweight who is at fault, the operator or the owner of the vehicle

The defendant on a ticket issued for an overweight violation can be the operator or the carrier. The fines for an overweight violation depend on several factors.  The fines are a set amount per thousand pounds overweight, and vary depending the amount of the overweight. It also depends if the vehicle is operating on a permit, and how many overweight tickets the defendant has been convicted of in the last 12 months. The fines can be found in the Judicial Bureau’s Schedule of Fines under Title 23 VSA Section 1391a at the following website:

What is considered over weight enough to get a ticket/fine?

There are several ways a vehicle can be overweight; such as over the registered weight, over tire limits, over an axle weight, or over gross weight.  Depending on which way a vehicle is overweight depends on what there is for a enforcement tolerance.  Depending on the weight violation, a tolerance will vary from a zero tolerance to a 10% tolerance.  It also depends on whether the vehicle is being operated in conformance with a special permit.  However, there is no weight statute that uses the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) as the basis for a vehicle’s legal weight limit.