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Refers to a document issued to replace a lost, misplaced, or damaged license, ID, registration, title, etc.

Replacement License

Used to make changes (name change, address change, etc), get a new picture, remove a restriction (eye glass) or to replace a lost or stolen license or learner permit. For CDL use form VL-031.

Replacement Commercial License or Permit

If your Commercial Driver's License or Permit has been lost, stolen, or destroyed you may apply for a replacement.  

How to Obtain a Replacement CDL

Commercial Driver's License holders must apply in person at a Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles Customer Service Office. You must complete the CDL Application (form #VL-031) and submit it together with the appropriate fee and identity documentation.

See Identity Documentation Requirements »

Replacement Title

Vermont titles vehicles (including Motorboats, ATVs, and snowmobiles) that are 15 years old or newer based on the calendar year. For example: from January 1, 2023, through December 31, 2023, Vermont will title vehicles (including Motorboats, ATVs, and snowmobiles) with the model year 2009 or newer.​

Faded Plates

Any Vermont registration plate that has faded to a point in which its numbers and letters have impaired identification must be replaced. Replacement of faded plates is at no cost to the owner if the fading is caused by faulty materials or a problem with the manufacturing process.  

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My registration, license or title has not arrived yet. What should I do?

Please be advised that you must notify the DMV within 60 days of issuance if you do not receive your registration/license/title. If DMV is not notified within this timeframe, the purchase of a replacement may be required.

Use our contact form here 

I lost my license. How can I find my license number?

Call us.

Contact your insurance company or bank. 

Check an old expired license.

Your employer may have a copy on file.

What is needed to get a replacement license or learner permit?

Complete the Replacement License Form (see below) and submit it to the DMV together with any appropriate fees. If you are applying for a replacement license/permit in person, you must also be prepared to provide proof of identification.

What is needed to get a replacement vehicle registration certificate?

Complete the application for a replacement registration (form #VD-040) and submit it to this Department with the appropriate fee