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Total Abstinence

If you have lost your license because of DUI, you may apply for reinstatement with proof of a three‐year period of abstinence from all alcohol and drugs and successful completion of a treatment program.

Total Abstinence Reinstatement Application Packet

Packet of all forms required for application for reinstatement under Total Abstinence. Includes forms VS-070, VS-071, VS-072, VS-073, VS-074 & VS-075. If currently living outside of Vermont you must also obtain Non-Resident Reinstatement (form VS-076)

Total Abstinence Non-Resident

Non-Resident’s Sworn Declaration and Application for Reinstatement through Abstinence from Alcohol and Drugs

Important Information for all Total Abstinence Applicants

  • You must have contact with your counselor within 60 days of the time you are submitting forms to request reinstatement through total abstinence.
  • For additional information on the treatment requirements, please talk with your IDRP Evaluator.
  • If you have any other requirements, suspensions, or revocation, those will also need to be resolved with the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles before your privilege to drive can be reinstated.  Contact the DMV Driver Improvement Information Unit at 802.828.2000.

Total Abstinence Investigations

Total Abstinence investigations are conducted by the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles Enforcement & Safety Division. Total Abstinence investigations encompass only a small percentage of these divisions' assigned duties but are considered to be amongst the highest importance in the interest of public safety and liability for the State of Vermont. The investigation of alleged criminal activity is the primary responsibility of the DMV Enforcement & Safety Division, so it may take six (6) months to one (1) year before your investigation can be completed.

What are the seven (7) steps to be completed when requesting reinstatement of your driver’s license through Total Abstinence?

  1. Have at least three years of being abstinent from all alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, or misuse of prescription-regulated drugs. Even some beers and wine labeled “non-alcoholic” contain alcohol and may not be consumed under Total Abstinence. Marijuana is considered a non-prescribed regulated drug.  Whether you are licensed with the Vermont Medical Marijuana Registry or not, the use of marijuana is a disqualifying substance and is prohibited in the Total Abstinence Program.

Total Abstinence for license reinstatement

If you have lost your license for life, because of DUIs, civil suspensions, and/or refusals, you may apply for license reinstatement with proof of the required three‐year period of abstinence from all alcohol and drugs and the successful completion of a substance abuse treatment program.

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