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Important Information for all Total Abstinence Applicants

  • You must have contact with your counselor within 60 days of the time you are submitting forms to request reinstatement through total abstinence.
  • For additional information on the treatment requirements, please talk with your IDRP Evaluator.
  • If you have any other requirements, suspensions, or revocation, those will also need to be resolved with the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles before your privilege to drive can be reinstated.  Contact the DMV Driver Improvement Information Unit at 802.828.2000.
  • Time spent in jail (correctional facilities), and other types of furlough do not count towards a person’s abstinence time.   
  • Applicants must have abstained from the use/consumption of alcohol, illegal drugs, marijuana, and the taking of a regulated prescription drug inconsistent with the prescription label, for three full years prior to application to the Total Abstinence Program.

  • Applicants must have installed and utilized an ignition interlock system in their vehicle for three full years prior to application to the Total Abstinence Program. 

Download the PDF form to your computer and then open it with Adobe Reader

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