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Ignition Interlock Device

An Ignition Interlock Device, referred to as an "IID," is an after-market device which is installed in a vehicle. The IID is connected to the starter or ignition, or other onboard computer system of a vehicle. The device prevents a driver from operating the vehicle if the driver has been drinking. Before starting the vehicle, a driver must blow into the device; if the driver's BAC is at or over a pre-set limit (0.02 in Vermont) the IID will not allow the vehicle to start. Once the vehicle is started, at random times during the operation of the vehicle, the device will prompt the driver to provide another breath sample, referred to as "random retests." If the breath sample is not provided, or if the breath sample is at or exceeds a BAC of 0.02, the IID will log the event as a failure, and will then signal the vehicle to begin flashing the lights and sounding the horn. This will continue until the vehicle is turned off, or a clean breath sample has been provided.

Application for an Ignition Interlock Device Restricted Driver's License (IID & RDL) must be made by contacting this Department at 802-828-2061. We will review your driving record to determine if you are eligible to apply for an RDL; we will then send you a packet of information regarding your eligibility. It is very important that you contact this Department prior to visiting any office to assure that all requirements have been met.

For more information about RDL call 802 828-2061 or contact us by email.

Download the PDF form to your computer and then open it with Adobe Reader

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