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Driver's License, Fees

Driver's License/Permit Fees


Non-Driver ID

SSI Reduced Fee

SSI/SSD Reduced Fees (Non-Driver ID only): An individual who is currently on Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability (SSD) is eligible for a reduced fee for a Non-Driver ID. Proof of SSI or SSD is required at the time of the service. This can be done by submitting a benefit verification letter to this Department. A copy of the benefit verification letter can be obtained by contacting Social Security by phone, mail, or in person.

Driver's License Exam Fees

  • Driver's License, Road Test - $19.00
  • Learner Permit, Knowledge Test - $32.00
  • Motorcycle Learner Permit, Knowledge Test - $9.00
  • Motorcycle, Road Test - $19.00

Driver Training Fees

  • Driver Training Instructor Application - $105.00
  • Driver Training Instructor License, New/Renew - $75.00
  • Driver Training License, Replacement - $8.00
  • Driver Training School Application - $150.00
  • Driver Training School License, New/Renew - $225.00