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Enhanced Driver's License (EDL)

U.S. citizens returning from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, or Bermuda, by land or sea must present a U.S. Passport, U.S. Passport Card, or an Enhanced Driver's License (EDL). An EDL can NOT be used for international flights. For up-to-date travel document requirements, see U.S. Customs and Border Protection

A temporary EDL will NOT be accepted for border crossing, plan accordingly. If you have not received your new license within 20 days, please contact us.

The first issuance of an EDL requires an in-person visit. Appointments are highly recommended for in-person visits.

How to Obtain an EDL

You will need ALL of the following when obtaining an EDL for the first time -

  1. Proof of Identity and Date of Birth.

  2. Social Security Information.

  3. Vermont ResidencyMore info »

  4. Proof of US Citizenship.

Complete the appropriate form for your situation:

  • To upgrade a current valid license, use the Replacement License Form (below).
  • Use the License/Permit Application (below) to get a new Vermont license.
  • To renew an existing Vermont license and upgrade to EDL, use the License/Permit Application (below).
  • Use the Non-Driver ID Application (below) for a Vermont Enhanced Non-Driver Identification card.


Children under age 18 must apply in person with parent/guardian(s) who have evidence of relationship to the minor applicant. The minor child must provide his/her proof of Social Security number and U.S. citizenship. Evidence of a legal name change must be submitted if the name of a parent/guardian has changed since the original documents were issued (e.g., photocopy of a marriage certificate, etc.). Children under age 15 do NOT need to provide a photo ID.

Enhanced Driver's Licenses and Non-Driver IDs are not available in every office.

Download the PDF form to your computer and then open it with Adobe Reader

Related Forms & Information
Title Sort descending ID# Description
Commercial License/Permit Application
To apply for the issuance of any new, renewal, replacement or correction of any and all CDL licenses/permits/endorsements.
Enhanced License/ID Information
To view a complete list of required documents to obtain a Vermont Enhanced drivers license.
License/Permit Application - English
To apply for a new issuance or renewal of a Vermont license or permit (Non-CDL).
Non-Driver ID Application - English
To apply for a new, renewed, replaced, or enhanced Non-Driver Identification Card.
Replacement License
Used to make changes (name change, address change, etc), get a new picture, remove a restriction (eye glass) or to replace a lost or stolen license or learner permit. For CDL use form VL-031.