Enhanced Driver's License (EDL)

U.S. citizens returning from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean or Bermuda, by land or sea, are required to present a U.S. Passport, U.S. Passport Card or an Enhanced Driver's License (EDL). For up-to-date travel document requirements see U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

When obtaining an EDL, allow at least 2 weeks for delivery.

A temporary EDL will NOT be accepted for border crossing, so please plan accordingly. If you have not received your new license within 20 days please contact us.

Also see Form VL-018 for additional information on ID requirements.

An EDL/ID has a fee that is in addition to the standard fees for licenses and/or Non-Driver ID (license fees vary by class, duration, and endorsement). License fees »

How to Obtain an EDL

Complete the appropriate application for your situation:

  • Valid license (form #VL-040)
  • New license or renewing license (form #VL-021)
  • New or renewing commercial license (form #VL-031)
  • Non-driver identification card (form #VL-017)

Required Identity Documentation

You will need documentation from each of the 4 categories below:

  1. Proof of Identity and Age
  2. Proof of Proof of United States Citizenship
  3. Proof of Social Security Number
  4. Proof of Vermont Residency and Current Address


Children under age 18 must apply in person with parent/guardian(s) who have evidence of relationship to the minor applicant. Minor child must provide his/her proof of Social Security number and U.S. citizenship. Evidence of a legal name change must be submitted if the name of a parent/guardian has changed since the original documents were issued (e.g. photocopy of a marriage certificate, etc.). Children under age 15 do NOT need to provide photo ID.

Locations issuing Enhanced Driver License/Non-Driver ID:

Related Forms & Information


If a mistake is found on your license/ID please contact us.

Yes, the Vermont EDL & EID are designated as acceptable border-crossing documents by DHS under the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI). Vermont EDL & EID are acceptable for official Federal purposes (i.e., boarding a commercial aircraft, accessing a federal facility, or entering a nuclear power plant).

If your name is different than the one shown on your birth certificate or other document used to establish identity and date of birth, you must provide certified copies of the legal documents that connect the name on the document used to establish identity and date of birth to your current name. The following documents are acceptable.

Court-ordered name change. This includes:

  • Orders under petition for name change.
  • Orders for name change in a divorce decree or decree of annulment.
  • Orders for name change in a decree of adoption.

The court order must contain your prior full legal name, your court-ordered full legal name and your date of birth. It must be a certified copy and have the stamp or raised seal of the issuing court.

Marriage certificate. The marriage certificate must be issued by a state office of vital statistics or equivalent agency in the state or country where you were married, and must be a certified copy with a stamp or raised seal of the issuing authority. A church, chapel, or similarly issued certificate is not acceptable.

In all cases, the documents must connect the name shown on your birth certificate or other document used to establish identity and date of birth to your current name. You do not have to document a complete listing of all the names you may have previously used, as long as the documents you provide clearly connect the two.

Maybe; The Vermont Enhanced Driver's License (EDL) is a driver’s license that can also be used as a cross-border travel document to enter the U.S. by land and sea. It denotes both identity and citizenship, per (WHTI). The Vermont EDL is a Real ID card and also a cross-border travel document for entering the U.S. by land and sea. However, not every Vermont Real ID card is also an EDL.

Only Vermont Licenses marked as “Enhanced” may be used for cross-border travel.


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