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Non-Driver Identification

A Non-Driver Identification Card for individuals who do not drive. Any applicant for a Vermont Non-Driver Identification Card must be a Vermont resident.

All Vermont residents, regardless of age, are eligible for a Vermont Non-Driver ID card. Applicants can apply for a Non-Driver ID card if a Vermont license is valid, suspended, revoked, canceled, or expired. However, you may only hold one (1) Real ID compliant document at a time. Therefore if you wish to have a valid license and a valid Non-Driver ID, one of the two (2) must be a non-compliant card.

How to Obtain a Non-Driver ID

All original issue (first time) Non-Driver ID Cards must be applied for in-person at a DMV office with a completed form VL-017 and appropriate fees and documentation. License fees »

You will need documentation to establish identity. More information...

Applicants under age 18 are required to have a parent/guardian sign the application for the Identification Card. Applicants that hold a valid driver's license, permit or Non-Driver ID card from another state are only eligible for a Vermont Non-Driver ID card if they surrender their out-of-state card. Applicants that hold a valid driver's license from another country are eligible for a Vermont Non-Driver ID card and are not required to surrender their out-of-country driver’s license.

Download the PDF form to your computer and then open it with Adobe Reader

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