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Learner's Permit

Who needs a Learner’s Permit?

If you are a Vermont resident and want to drive in Vermont, you will have to get a Vermont Learner’s Permit. You must be at least 15 years old to take the test. A resident of another State enrolled in a Vermont Driver Education & Training course can also obtain a Vermont Learner's Permit (A letter from the school confirming enrollment will be required).

What do I need to do to get a Learner’s Permit?

  1. If you are 15, 16, or 17 years old, you need your parent's or legal guardian's permission (unless you are an emancipated minor). A parent or legal guardian must sign the application before you can take the test. If you are a foreign exchange student, you may obtain a Foreign Exchange Parental Authorization Form (VL-036) to be signed by a parent or legal guardian. 
  2. Your permit will be issued after you pass the online permit test and pay the required fees.

To apply for a Learner’s Permit, an individual under the age of 18 must have maintained a ‘clean’ driving record in the previous two (2) years. If you have had any recalls, suspensions or revocations, contact DMV as you may be required to serve an additional waiting period.

When and Where can I drive with a Permit?

With a valid Learner’s Permit, you may drive anywhere, anytime in Vermont if there is a licensed and unimpaired parent or guardian, a licensed or certified unimpaired driver education instructor, or a licensed and unimpaired individual 25 years of age or older riding in the front seat. Before driving in any other state, you must contact that state’s Motor Vehicle Department or law enforcement agency to see if driving in that state with a Vermont Learner’s Permit is legal.

Download the PDF form to your computer and then open it with Adobe Reader

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How can I get a new photo on my License, Permit or ID?

You must get a new picture taken at least once for every other renewal. You may get a new photo at any time for any reason (for a fee). Complete the required documents and schedule an appointment to visit an office.

Once I have taken the permit test and paid the fee, do I need to wait for the actual permit to come in the mail?

No. The receipt acts as your temporary learners permit for 90-days from the date on this receipt.  This must be in your possession when operating a motor vehicle.

How does DMV verify the information on the application without seeing any type of identification?

DMV will review the information and run checks to verify the information. If the checks don’t come back clear you will be notified to correct your information before a learner permit is sent to you.

My child is on an Individualized Education Program (IEP). Am I allowed to assist with the test?

You are allowed to read the test if necessary but are not allowed to give your child the correct answers.

How long do I have to wait to re-test if I fail?

If you fail a road test, you must wait at least seven days before retaking the test.

If you fail a knowledge test you must wait at least one day before retaking the test.

How many times can I take the test?

You may take the test as many times as you wish until you pass.

Will I have to pay if I fail and have to take another test?

Yes. You will pay the test fee each time you take the test.

Do I have to hold the permit for a year prior to taking my driver’s test?

Yes. Due to the Graduated License Law, you will need to hold your learner permit for a year prior to taking the road test.

I am 18 years old (or older) and just got my permit. Do I still have to drive with a licensed adult who is 25+?

Yes, the age of the permit holder is not relevant. The licensed driver must be unimpaired and 25 or older.

If I have temporary lawful status in the United States, will the Driver's License or ID card issued to me be different?

Your card will read “limited term” and the expiration date will coincide with the expiration of valid legal status obtained from documentation provided. If your lawful stay has no defined end or expiration date, you will have the option of choosing a 2 or 4 year card.

Does a Driver's License or ID card marked “limited term” have different or lesser privileges?

No. The Driver's License or ID card remains fully valid for all purposes normally associated with a Driver's License or ID card in the form issued.

A Driver's License or ID card marked “limited term” merely signifies that it is issued to a person who is a foreign national with temporary lawful status in the United States and has a shorter term than a regular Driver's License or ID card.

Can I drive in Vermont if I have a Learner's Permit from another state?