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Prepare for a Road Test

You will not be permitted to take the driving test unless the motor vehicle you furnish is properly equipped, in good mechanical condition, and properly registered and inspected.

  • Have a vehicle that is clean and in good mechanical condition
  • Your vehicle must have a valid inspection sticker.
  • Be sure the emergency brake is working properly.
  • Proof of valid automobile insurance as required by Vermont law. The proof must state the name of the insurance carrier, effective and expiration dates of coverage, the name of insured, and the description of the vehicle including the vehicle identification number.
  • Proof of valid registration for the vehicle is required.

The safe operating condition of the vehicle is the responsibility of the operator.

Proper equipment in good mechanical condition includes:

  • headlights
  • horn
  • windshield wipers
  • rearview mirror
  • tail lights
  • tires
  • steering mechanism
  • windshield
  • exhaust system
  • brakes
  • fenders
  • bumpers
  • directional signals
  • safety belts
  • defrosters

Emergency/parking brakes must be adequate to hold the vehicle in neutral on any grade on which it is operated, both with the vehicle headed uphill or downhill.

Reasons For Rejection of a Vehicle:

  • Exhaust System Leak
  • Tire(s) defective: less than 2/32 inches of tread depth, exposed cords, or cut sidewalls that expose cords.
  • Windshield cracked or otherwise damaged. It is important to check the inspection manual, as a cracked windshield is permissible under certain conditions.
  • The window to the left of the driver cannot be opened to permit hand signals.
  • Inoperative doors.
  • A non-transparent substance obscures the driver’s vision to the front, left, right, or rear. The exception is if the rear window is obscured, rearview left and right-hand side mirrors are required.
  • Front seat belts left and right, are ripped, missing, or inoperative.
  • A hole through the trunk area, floor pan, or any area that permits exhaust fumes into the passenger compartment.
  • Front seat(s) loose or do not stay locked into position, including the back portion of reclining seats.
  • Parking brake pedal/lever inoperative.
  • The vehicle has agricultural, antique, or exhibition plates.
  • Non-manufacturers tinting of front side windows and windshield
  • Dual controls. No test will be given unless the controls (normally passenger side brake) are disconnected or otherwise rendered inoperable.
  • Use of Dealer Plates by a non-immediate family member.
  • Use of a rental vehicle without a letter from the rental company giving expressed permission to use the vehicle for the road test.

Discretionary Rejection of Vehicle:

If it is the determination by the Examiner that the interior condition of the vehicle is not acceptable for testing purposes, the applicant will be informed that the vehicle in its present condition cannot be used for the road test.

Reasons for rejection of the vehicle are conditions such as cleanliness, odor, etc which would be the cause of an unreasonable amount of discomfort to the Examiner and would adversely affect his/her ability to devote full attention to conducting and grading the test.

Illegal Operation:

If it is determined that an applicant arrived at the exam office by way of the illegal operation of a vehicle, the applicant will not be tested on that day.

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