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Driver Education

Relating to driver training and education.

Slow Moving Vehicles

A slow-moving vehicle, such as a tractor or other piece of large farm machinery is unable to travel at highway speed. It is identified by an orange and red triangular sign mounted on the rear of the vehicle. These signs help motorists recognize the vehicle ahead more quickly. The sooner you can identify a slow-moving vehicle the more time you have to respond by reducing your speed. Slow-moving vehicles may make wide turns at unmarked entrances to the right or left of the roadway. Some farm equipment is wider than the road itself.

3-Wheeled Motorcycle Driver Training

The following is a listing of approved 3-Wheeled motorcycle driving programs. Students successfully completing an approved 3-Wheeled training will be exempt from the required skill test to obtain a 3-wheeled motorcycle endorsement. Students will still be required to pass the knowledge examination in order to obtain an endorsement. Please contact the schools directly for information regarding tuition, schedules, and other details.

Capital Area Motorcycling School, Inc.

Hudson Valley Community College

(518) 629-7339

CDL Instructor Qualifications

All applicants:

  • Must hold valid CDL license
  • Must pass CDL written examinations: General, Air, Combination, Tank, Doubles and Triples, and Hazardous Materials
  • Must pass written test based on CDL driver training materials and state rules and regulations
  • Must pass complete CDL skills tests

In addition to the above applicants who will be providing training in passenger vehicles:

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