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Driver Education

Relating to driver training and education.

Standard Driver Training (Pleasure car type)

Applicant has a teaching certificate not endorsed for driver education:


Keene State College – Manchester, NH

The Safety Center program is conducted several times a year. Contact the college for scheduling specifics. Information can be obtained by calling 603-358-2290. The program may include the following courses:

  • Introduction to Traffic Safety
  • Methods of Teaching Driver and Traffic Safety Education
  • Contemporary Issues and Methods in Traffic Safety


Driver Training Instructors

In order to provide instruction for hire, in driving motor vehicles, individuals must be licensed. Those persons teaching driver education outside of a school system must be licensed through the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles. Once licensed, instructors must work for a driver training school which has been licensed through the DMV.

Instructor Qualifications

Regulatory Guidance:  23 V.S.A § 705, 706; APA rule (1)

Prepare for a Road Test

You will not be permitted to take the driving test unless the motor vehicle you furnish is properly equipped, in good mechanical condition, and properly registered and inspected.

Driver's License Manual

Driver's Manual includes everything needed for obtaining a learner permit. Also available in audio format or in an interactive online version -

Driver Training Schools

The following is a listing of standard driving schools, including the type(s) of training offered. Please get in touch with the schools directly for information regarding tuition, schedules, and other details.

Looking for a Commercial Driver's License? See CDL Driving schools here.

Interested in becoming a licensed Driver Training School? Visit the Driver Training Instructors page.

Teen Drivers

Your decision to obtain a Learner’s Permit or a Junior Driver’s License carries one of life’s greatest social responsibilities. You are committing to maintaining a safe operating vehicle that meets Vermont’s emissions standards, carrying liability insurance, always obeying the rules of the road, and adopting habits that eliminate driving distractions.

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