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Driver Training Instructors

In order to provide instruction for hire, in driving motor vehicles, individuals must be licensed. Those persons teaching driver education outside of a school system must be licensed through the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles. Once licensed, instructors must work for a driver training school which has been licensed through the DMV.

Instructor Qualifications

Regulatory Guidance:  23 V.S.A § 705, 706; APA rule (1)

Overview:  Due to prior experience and education, some instructor-applicants are determined to be fully qualified to be licensed, while others might have to complete various educational and testing requirements.

A fully qualified applicant for standard training is one who holds a Vermont Board of Education Teaching Certificate, which is endorsed for driver education. For these applicants, no testing or additional education is required for initial licensing.

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Title Sort descending ID# Description
CDL Driver Training Instructor Application
To apply for CDL driver training instructor.
Standard Driver Training Instructor Application
To apply as a standard driver training instructor.