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Driver Education Certification Service (DECS)

The Vermont Driver Education Certification Service (DECS) is an online service available to all Driver Education Instructors in Vermont. DECS is a joint effort of the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles and the Vermont Agency of Education (AOE). DECS allows certified driver instructors to input and track student grades, and view student records.

This information is transmitted to DMV and the student record will be flagged for DMV staff. DECS allows Driver Education Instructors to input student class completion information with just the student’s license (learner permit) number. Instructors will print completion certificates for their students. Instructors are able to look up students previously entered and reprint certificates, if needed.

Driver Education Certification Service (DECS) |

NOTE: A Completion Certificate generated by DECS is NOT required when students come to DMV for testing; completion certificates are for the student’s record.