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Driving Records Requests

Requesting Your Own Driving Records

Individuals may request a copy of their driving record by submitting a Record Request Form (form #VG-116) and the appropriate fee or scheduling an appointment at the Montpelier office.


Bulk purchases, such as insurance companies, must submit an Agreement As To The Driver Privacy Protection Policy (form #VG-118) and a subscriber agreement with NIC Vermont.


  • Certified copy 3-year operating record - $14.00
  • Certified copy complete operating record - $20.00
  • Certified copy driver's license application - $8.00
  • Certified copy individual crash report - $12.00
  • Certified copy mail receipt - $8.00
  • Certified copy of registration application - $8.00
  • Certified copy police crash report - $18.00
  • Certified copy proof of mailing - $8.00
  • Certified copy reinstatement notice - $8.00
  • Certified copy suspension notice - $8.00
  • Insurance information on crash - $8.00
  • List of title records (initial computer programming) - $100/hour; $500 minimum
  • List of title records (sent by electronic media) - $119.00
  • Listing of driver's licenses (1-4) - $8.00
  • Listing of registrations (1-4) - $8.00
  • Lists of registered dealers (per page) - $8.00
  • Periodic inspection sticker record - $8.00
  • Records not otherwise specified (per page) - $8.00
  • Statistics and research (per hour) - $42.00

Download the PDF form to your computer and then open it with Adobe Reader

Title Sort descending ID# Description
DMV Record Request
To request records and documents including driving records, certified copies, police and individual crash reports, etc.
DPPA User Agreement
To request user access to certain records for the purpose of obtaining personal information. This form is typically used for frequent requesters.
DPPA User Agreement (Non-Standard)
To record and contract for billing the usage of a DPPA user.


How can I obtain a driving record or bulk driving records?

See the DMV Records Request information.