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​Administrative Rules

Rule # Rule Name
14-050-001 All-Terrain Vehicles General Provisions
14-050-003 Driving Range--Driver Education Standards for Approval
14-050-004 Exhibition Vehicles - Antique Vehicles
14-050-005 Financial Responsibility Insurance
14-050-007 Fuel User Regulations
14-050-008 Gasoline Distributor Rules
14-050-011 Rules Regarding Mandatory Insurance
14-050-012 Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond
14-050-013 Motor Vehicle Purchase and Use Tax
14-050-015 Vermont Municipal Highway Assistance Program rules for Allocations of Technical Assistance
14-050-018 License Endorsements
14-050-019 Overweight and Overdimension Vehicle Permits
14-050-022 Inspection of Motor Vehicles
14-050-024 Registration of Motorboats and Regattas, Races, Marine Parades, Tournaments or Exhibitions
14-050-025 Registration Plates
14-050-027 Registration and Operation of Snowmobiles, Approved Helmets and VAST Snowmobile Registrations
14-050-029 Special Examinations
14-050-031 Suspension Procedures, Official Inspection Stations
14-050-032 Reasonable Access - STAA Vehicles, Safety and Engineering Analysis
14-050-033 Titles; Death of a Registrant
14-050-035 Hearing Division
14-050-036 Rules for Motor Carrier Safety Standards
14-050-037 Requirements for Motorcycle Rider Training Instructors, Sponsors and Students
14-050-038 Commercial Driver’s License Program
14-050-039 Operation of Driver Training Schools and Instructors Giving Driver Training Instructions for Hire
14-050-040 Physical Conditions as pertains to Fainting Spells, Blackouts or any Other Reason Causing a Period of Unconsciousness
14-050-042 Driver License Suspension
14-050-044 Reduction of Life Disqualification
14-050-045 List of Parties Authorized to have Access to Social Security Numbers from DMV Records
14-050-046 Child Support Suspensions
14-050-048 Class 2 Town Highway Class 2 Rehabilitation Program
14-050-049 Appeals of Administrative Penalties Imposed on Licensed Inspection Stations/Mechanics
14-050-050 Vermont Dealer Licensing and Schedule of Penalties and Suspension
14-050-051 Motor Vehicle Arbitration Board
14-050-052 Emission Smoke Inspection of Diesel-Powered Commercial Motor Vehicles
14-050-053 Ignition Interlock Program
14-050-054 Appeals of Administrative Penalties Imposed on Licensed Vermont Motor Vehicle Dealers
14-055-001 Rules for Transportation of Hazardous Materials

Proposed Administrative Rules

The Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles accepts public comments about Administrative Rules when new Rules are being developed and/or existing Rules are being revised.

If any Rules are being developed or revised, they will appear on the following page: Proposed Administrative Rules

Download the PDF form to your computer and then open it with Adobe Reader

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