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​Administrative Rules

Rule # Rule Name Old Rule #1
14-050-001 All-Terrain Vehicles General Provisions 33
14-050-003 Driving Range--Driver Education Standards for Approval 13
14-050-004 Exhibition Vehicles - Antique Vehicles 19
14-050-005 Financial Responsibility Insurance 04
14-050-007 Fuel User Regulations 29
14-050-008 Gasoline Distributor Rules 36
14-050-011 Rules Regarding Mandatory Insurance 35
14-050-012 Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond 37
14-050-013 Motor Vehicle Purchase and Use Tax 30
14-050-015 Vermont Municipal Highway Assistance Program rules for Allocations of Technical Assistance N/A
14-050-018 License Endorsements 09
14-050-019 Overweight and Overdimension Vehicle Permits 25
14-050-022 Inspection of Motor Vehicles N/A
14-050-024 Registration of Motorboats and Regattas, Races, Marine Parades, Tournaments or Exhibitions 31
14-050-025 Registration Plates 16
14-050-027 Registration and Operation of Snowmobiles, Approved Helmets and VAST Snowmobile Registrations 32
14-050-029 Special Examinations 07
14-050-031 Suspension Procedures, Official Inspection Stations 05
14-050-032 Reasonable Access - STAA Vehicles, Safety and Engineering Analysis 34
14-050-033 Titles; Death of a Registrant 20
14-050-035 Hearing Division 03
14-050-036 Rules for Motor Carrier Safety Standards 39
14-050-037 Requirements for Motorcycle Rider Training Instructors, Sponsors and Students 42
14-050-038 Commercial Driver’s License Program 40
14-050-039 Operation of Driver Training Schools and Instructors Giving Driver Training Instructions for Hire 11
14-050-040 Physical Conditions as pertains to Fainting Spells, Blackouts or any Other Reason Causing a Period of Unconsciousness 14
14-050-042 Driver License Suspension 45
14-050-044 Reduction of Life Disqualification 41
14-050-045 List of Parties Authorized to have Access to Social Security Numbers from DMV Records 47
14-050-046 Child Support Suspensions 48
14-050-048 Class 2 Town Highway Class 2 Rehabilitation Program N/A
14-050-049 Appeals of Administrative Penalties Imposed on Licensed Inspection Stations/Mechanics 50
14-050-050 Vermont Dealer Licensing and Schedule of Penalties and Suspension 51
14-050-051 Motor Vehicle Arbitration Board N/A
14-050-052 Emission Smoke Inspection of Diesel-Powered Commercial Motor Vehicles 53
14-050-053 Ignition Interlock Program N/A
14-050-054 Appeals of Administrative Penalties Imposed on Licensed Vermont Motor Vehicle Dealers 52
14-055-001 Rules for Transportation of Hazardous Materials 38

Proposed Administrative Rules

The Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles accepts public comments pertaining to Administrative Rules when new Rules are being developed and/or existing Rules are being revised.

If any Rules are being developed or revised, they will appear on the following page; Proposed Administrative Rules

1Rule numbers updated May 2020

Download the PDF form to your computer and then open it with Adobe Reader

Title ID# Description
Rules for Overweight Overdimension Permits
Rules and instructions governing overweight and over-dimension vehicle permits.
Periodic Inspection Manual
Vermont Periodic Inspection Manual (updated December 2019)