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Motorcycle Learner's Permit

A Vermont licensed resident who does not possess a motorcycle endorsement may obtain a motorcycle learner's permit to learn how to operate a motorcycle. To obtain a motorcycle learner's permit, you must do the following:

Successfully complete a 4-hour Vermont Motorcycle Awareness Program training course. More information »


Successfully complete the Motorcycle Learner's Permit Exam (permit exams are online). If you fail the permit exam, there is a waiting period of at least one day before the exam can be taken again.

  • If you are 16 or 17 years old and have a valid Junior Driver's License, you MUST have a parent or legal guardian sign the Motorcycle Learner Permit Application.
  • After the permit is issued, you may schedule an appointment for your skills test.
  • A motorcycle permit is valid for 120 days from the issue date and may be renewed only twice. If, during the original permit period and two renewals, you have not passed the skills test nor the motorcycle rider training course, you may not obtain another motorcycle learner permit for 12 months from the permit's expiration date. The 12-month waiting period may be waived if:
    • You successfully complete the Motorcycle Rider Training Course or;
    • Your current permit or renewals authorized the operation of all motorcycles, and you are now applying for a 3-wheeled motorcycle permit.
The Motorcycle Learner's Permit will allow you to ride a motorcycle on any public highway to become familiar with actual operation. There are certain restrictions:
  • A motorcycle may be operated during daylight hours only.
  • The Motorcycle Learner's Permit-holder is not allowed to carry any passengers.
  • The Motorcycle Learner's Permit is valid in Vermont only.

Ignoring the restrictions will void the Motorcycle Learner's Permit.

If you hold a valid Motorcycle Learner's Permit, you may ride the motorcycle to the skill test area on the day of your appointment. If you fail the skills test and your permit has not expired, you will, under most circumstances, be allowed to ride away. If the permit is due to expire, you may renew it for 120 days. If it has already been renewed twice, you must take the written test again to be issued a new permit.

If you fail the skills test, a one-week practice period is required before another skills test may be taken. Remember, whenever you operate your motorcycle, you must have your valid Vermont Driver's License, Motorcycle Learner's Permit, and insurance card in your possession.

Download the PDF form to your computer and then open it with Adobe Reader

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