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Fuel Tax

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Payments

All distributors filing a report must transmit payment of taxes to the Department of Motor Vehicles by means of an electronic funds transfer. See the complete "ACH Instructions" document below.

Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles ACH Credit Processing

ACH Credit

Diesel Fuel Allowance Formulas

The following allowance formulas have been derived through tests and may be used by eligible taxpayers. Documentation must be retained or credit will be disallowed upon audit.

Motor Fuel Distributor License

Before commencing business, on application, a distributor shall first procure a license from the Commissioner permitting him or her to continue or to engage in business as a distributor. Upon approval of the application and bond (see bond requirements below), the Commissioner shall issue to the distributor a nonassignable license which shall continue in force until surrendered or revoked.

Diesel Fuel Tax Refunds

You may claim a refund of the Vermont diesel tax (and Motor Fuel Transportation Infrastructure Assessment fee) if:

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