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Diesel Fuel Tax Refunds

You may claim a refund of the Vermont diesel tax (and Motor Fuel Transportation Infrastructure Assessment fee) if:

  • You have fuel receipts indicating the state tax was paid, and
  • You use the fuel in a nontaxable manner, such as to operate:
    • A stationary engine
    • A refrigeration unit with a separate fuel tank
    • A furnace or other device to heat a building or structure
    • Off-road use

You may NOT claim a refund for fuel used in a licensed motor vehicle that is operated on a Vermont road or highway that is open to the public.

To Claim a Refund

  • Complete the Vermont Diesel Fuel Refund Application
  • Include legible copies of fuel invoices indicating the Vermont state tax was paid
  • Invoices must be legible and include the following
    • Distributors name and address
    • Date of purchase
    • Number of gallons purchased
    • Total sale amount
    • Price per gallon
  • Mail the completed application to:

Commercial Vehicle Operations
120 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05603

When you claim your diesel tax refund, you may owe Vermont sales tax. This requires that you must be registered with the Vermont Department of Taxes. For additional information please contact Tax Payer Services at 802-828-2551.