Time Extension Waiver

The state of Vermont recognizes that emissions repairs not covered under warranty can be costly. There is a time extension waiver available to allow for additional time to bring your vehicle into compliance.

If you have an emissions failure, have your emissions control system diagnosed, and get an estimate to complete the repair. Many emissions component repairs may be covered under your vehicle’s emissions control system warranty. You may be surprised to find out what is covered at no cost to you. The emissions control system warranty differs from the “bumper to bumper” warranty. Contact your dealership to find out more information. Check your vehicle’s owner’s guide or warranty booklet for a contact phone number.

If your vehicle has passed all of the safety components and the emissions repairs are not covered under the emissions warranty, you may qualify for an additional year to complete the repairs. Repairing your vehicle helps to protect our environment and our health by identifying vehicle problems that cause increased air pollutants. Benefits to Vermonters include clean air, improved vehicle performance, and fuel economy, and savings — timely repair of small problems can often prevent more
costly repairs “down the road.”

Time Extension Waiver: What You Need To Know
  • Your vehicle must be ready for the initial OBDII inspection. The Time Extension waiver is not available for the cost associated with getting your vehicle ready.
  • The extension only applies to emissions control components. All vehicle safety defects must be repaired in order to receive a pass sticker.
  • Check your vehicle’s emissions control system warranty. The Time Extension waiver is not available when repairs are covered under warranty.
  • If the estimate to repair your vehicle is under $200, you will have to have your vehicle repaired in order to get a pass sticker. If the estimate to repair your vehicle exceeds $200, or you have spent more than $200 to repair or diagnose your vehicle, you may qualify for a one-year time extension.
  • The Time Extension waiver is good for one inspection cycle. Next inspection, your vehicle must be in safety and emissions compliance in order to receive a pass sticker.
Time Extension Application Check List:
  1. Has the vehicle received an AVIP inspection in 2019?
  2. Does the Fail Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR)indicate that all safety items are a pass?
  3. Does the Fail VIR indicate that the vehicle failed the OBD test?
  4. Does the Fail VIR indicate that the OBD readiness Monitor results are a pass?
  5. Have you had the vehicle diagnosed to determine the cause of emissions problems?
  6. Do you have a written estimate?
  7. Have you checked with a dealership and determined the necessary repairs are NOT covered under your emissions control warranty?
  8. Are the necessary repairs more than $200?

Please review the above checklist. If you’ve answered yes to all of these questions, you may be eligible for additional time to make emissions repairs. Bring your repair estimate to an Official Inspection
Station and ask them about applying for a Time Extension Waiver.

For more information, speak to your inspection mechanic

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