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Public Records Request

3 V.S.A. Section 218(d), as amended by Sec. 8 of Act No. 59 of 2011, requires each agency and department website to include the name and contact information for the records officer.

Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles Records Officer is:

Shannon Fassett
Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles
120 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont 05603-0001
802 828-2066

Driving Records, Crash Reports & Title Issues

This form is not for requesting personal driving records, crash reports, or title information.

Request Type
Requester Category

Not all requests for information are public records requests. If your request for data, records or public information, is determined to be a public records request, the fees have been established as the actual cost of providing a copy of a public record in accordance with 1 VSA 316(d). See Uniform Schedule of Public Records Charges for State Agencies for more info. 
This form is not for personal driving records, title inquires, crash reports, etc. This form is for requesting statistical information from DMV records. For example, how many electric vehicles were registered in Vermont in 2020, or how many 16 year olds completed Driver Education in the years 2019 vs 2020.
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