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Out of State Dealers

When processing more than five (5) registration transactions, the following guidelines must be followed:

  • An appointment must be scheduled. A courtesy call will be required to inform the Customer Service Representative of how many registration transactions will be dropped off. Only one drop-off per company per day will be allowed. Additional drop-offs will be sent to Mail Processing to be completed and mailed. Contact the office by email or call 802.828.2071.
  • Appointments with 6 - 15 transactions will require 24 hours to process, 16 - 30 transactions will require 48 hours, and over 30 transactions will require 72 hours for processing. You will be notified if transactions are completed before the specified time.

  • We will need to be provided with the individual's contact name and telephone number to contact when transactions have been completed and in case of questions.

  • For security reasons, we will also require a letter on your letterhead indicating the individuals who are allowed to pick up the registration transactions when completed.

If you have any questions or concerns in reference to the above, please feel free to contact us.