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Dealer Renewal

Dealer renewal checklist
  • Dealer’s Audit card - 2 pages
  • Dealer Renewal Application (form VD-007) - 2 pages
  • Motor vehicle dealer bond (form VD-114) - 2 pages
  • An irrevocable letter of credit, certificate of deposit, or Motor vehicle continual dealer bond (form VD-114a) - 2 pages
  • Copy of valid insurance.
  • Copy of lease if you lease (must meet requirements of DMV Rule 14-050-050)
  • Check or money order with correct fees.
  • Visa and Mastercard are also accepted (American Express is not accepted).

You will be notified of pending renewal via email or phone call.

All forms must be complete and accurate to avoid them being returned and possibly delaying the renewal of your dealer license.

You may submit your completed renewal forms by email.

Once the forms are received, you will be contacted for payment if you pay by credit card.

Download the PDF form to your computer and then open it with Adobe Reader

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Dealer Audit Card
Required as part of the dealer renewal process
Dealer Renewal Application
To renew dealer registration and plates.
Dealer Renewal Packet
Dealer Renewal Packet - includes DMV forms VD-006, VD-007, VD-114 & VD-114a.
Motor Vehicle Dealer Continual Bond
Motor Vehicle Dealer Continual Bond