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Dealer Registration Guide

Note:  If using computer generated forms, make certain the form is properly aligned!

Section 1 - Ownership Section         

  • Enter “Owner” or “Lessee” name(s), mailing and physical address.
  • EIN (FED ID NO.) is required for business – Do not list SSN
  • Gender is required for individuals
  • D.O.B. is required for individuals
  • License number is required for individuals
  • Address where you live/physical address is required for Exempt Title (15 yr.) applications, as you must be a VT resident
  • “or” is acceptable between owner and co-owner
  • If more than 2 owners, use the Multiple Owner’s Form (VT-012)

Section 2 - Rights of Survivorship

  • One choice must be marked if more than one owner - all but “Tenants In Common” has rights of survivorship to the vehicle.
    • If an owner wants sole rights of ownership of a vehicle until the time of death, they may choose to list a person to whom the ownership of said vehicle will be transferred to after his/her death. If that is the case the “owner” (and it can only be one owner) must also complete a VT-007.  Ideally, Transfers on Death probably shouldn’t have a lien, as this could be problematic with the lien holder!??!

Section 3 – Lien holder

  • Be sure to complete if there is a lienholder, so the VT Certificate of Title will be sent to the lien holder.
    • If no lien holder you may write “none” in that section, if you wish.

Section 3B – Acquired From

  • Enter the name and address of the seller, the date of sale and dealer number.
  • A signature is required by an authorized agent of the dealership selling the vehicle.

Section 4 – Registration Type

  • Choose a transaction type…
    • Metal plates issued for new registration enter the plate Number, LEAVE EXPIRATION DATE blank. 
    • Cardboard D plate issued for new registration - enter the D_ _ _ _ number
    • Transfer - mark application as such and list the plate number and its expiration date – see Section 1.
    • Lease Buy Out - the customer may choose to keep their current plates; thus, indicate if they are gaining a “new” plate or keeping current plates.                     

On transfers of truck registrations also mark “weight change,” if Applicable-call DMV for assistance calculating fees. (802-828-2000).

Section 5 - Vehicle Description

  • Complete for all types of vehicles
    • Color is a must - keep simple (ex. red, blue, gray, yellow, green, white, silver etc.)
    • If “rebuilt” make sure “salvage”/ “rebuilt” section is complete on the Dealer Report of Sale.
    • Make sure to indicate fuel type-list correct fee!!!
    • Complete applicable section for – (ex. trucks, trailers, mtc/ATV(s), trailers>1500 < 1500 and jitneys)

The weights must be completed for trucks; the loaded weight must be higher than the empty weight and that if the loaded weight is over 6,099 additional registration fees are due.

Section 6 – Purchase Price

  • List purchase price
  • List Trade-In credit-be sure customer owned trade-in
  • If trade-in is a gifted vehicle have customer complete Gift Tax Form (VT-014)
  • If customer sold previous vehicle make sure The date of sale was within 3 mos.- no tax credit if over 3 mos.
  • “NADA Value” + “Adjustments” sections – N/A for Dealers.
  • Net Taxable Cost is used to calculate P+U tax 6% - carry amount over to section 9 - Fees.

Section 7 – Previous Vehicle Information

  • List customer’s trade in information or vehicle being used for tax credit.

No Tax Credit Allowed on Leased Vehicle.

Section 8 - Signature

  • Have customer(s) who are the owner/co-owner sign their own name – Do not allow someone else to sign for owner or co-owner, unless you collect documentation authorizing such signature (ex. POA or letter of authorization etc.)
  • Authorized Agent must sign for Lessor if the vehicle is a Lease.

Section 9 – Calculating the Fees Due To DMV

  • Write in the White area
  • List appropriate fees
  • Registration – new or renewal if transferred plate is close to expiration
  • 6% Net Taxable amount
  • Title fee – if applicable $35 + $11 lien fee = $46
  • Transfer Fee - $25 C/T – make sure transferred plate has at least 60 days before expiring. if customer insists on transferring + Collect renewal fee!
  • Warranty Fee -  Charged to new (w/MCO) cars, motorhomes & trucks only, 12,000 lbs. or less Unless registered by a Municipal or State agency or Owned by a volunteer Fire Department and used for firefighting or rescue purposes.
  • Fuel user – $6.50 if the vehicle GVWR is over 26,001 lbs. 
  • Other – Vanity Plate - $48.00 in addition to reg. fee, Conservation Plate - $26.00 in addition to the reg. fee, Etc.
  • Total – Check for accuracy

** Make check to VT DMV **

Suggestion: Write one Check for each transaction; one check for several transactions may SLOW the processing of all transaction!!

Note: Before sending in application make sure the corresponding Title or MCO was compared to vehicle’s VIN to ensure the correct vehicle is being delivered and titled!!!

*** Registration/ Title Applications must be submitted to VT DMV with 15 – calendar days from the date of sale.  This includes white copies of Dealer Reports of Sale for vehicles sold by the dealership but not registered in VT by the dealership (example: Out-of-State customers, Dealer-to Dealer etc.) 

Download the PDF form to your computer and then open it with Adobe Reader

Title Sort descending ID# Description
Exempt Title Affidavit
To apply, as a Vermont resident, for an exempt vehicle title on a vehicle that is more than 15 years old.
Multiple Owners on Registration/Title Authorization
To indicate more than two (2) owners for the vehicle/vessel/ATV/Snowmobile as registered and/or titled owners.
Registration Application Instructions
Instructions for registration, tax, and title form VD-119.
Registration/Tax/Title Application
To apply for registration and title (if applicable). Used for new transactions, transfers, renewals, title-only transactions, adding or deleting an owner, lease buyouts, and IRP transactions.
Transfer on Death
To add a transfer on death to a Vermont title