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Move Over Law

A MoveOver law is a law which requires motorists to move over and change lanes to give safe clearance to law enforcement officers, firefighters, and in some cases, tow-truck drivers. In the past, Canada and United States have used this term to apply to two different concepts; however, this is beginning to change as Canadian provinces have begun expanding the scope of their move over laws.

Move over laws exist in every state. Some states include service vehicles and tow trucks while others do not. When traveling it is best to asume that any vehicle with flashing lights is protected by the move over laws.

Vermont Law

State law requires drivers approaching a stationary law enforcement vehicle, ambulance, fire fighting vehicle, a vehicle used in rescue operations, or a towing and repair vehicle displaying signal lamps, and traveling in the same direction, to reduce speed and, if safe to do so, vacate the lane closest to the stationary vehicles.

23 V.S.A. § 1050

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