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License Restrictions (2013 - 2019)

The restrictions below were in use from 2013 until July 2019. For current restrictions (July 2019 forward) see License Restrictions

Code Restriction Definition Notes
A Accompanied by Licensed Operator 25 or Older Vermont Specific
B Corrective Lenses AAMVA Standard
C Mechanical Devices (Hand Controls or other Adaptive Devices) AAMVA Standard
D Prosthetic Aid AAMVA Standard
E No Manual Transmission-Equipped CMV AAMVA Standard
F No Measurable Amount of Alcohol or Drugs Vermont Specific
G Limit to Daylight Only AAMVA Standard
J Other - See Separate Card AAMVA Standard
K CDL Intrastate Only AAMVA Standard
L No Air Brake Equipped CMV AAMVA Standard
M No Class A Passenger Vehicle AAMVA Standard
N No Class A and B Passenger Vehicle AAMVA Standard
O No Tractor-Trailer CMV AAMVA Standard
P No Passengers in a CMV Bus AAMVA Standard
U Ignition Interlock Device Vermont Specific
V Medical Variance AAMVA Standard
X No Cargo in a CMV Tank Vehicle AAMVA Standard
Y Three Wheel MTC Only Vermont Specific
Z No Full Air Brake Equipped CMV AAMVA Standard

The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) is a nonprofit organization, representing the state and provincial officials in the United States and Canada who administer and enforce motor vehicle laws.


I am suspended in a state I do not live in why can I not renew the license I already have in my home state?

Since 1996 the federal government requires that all states participate in a program that prevents individuals who have had a suspension issued to them in one state (or more than one state) from obtaining a license in another state. A nationwide system tracks all drivers (or potential drivers) to prevent the issuance of a license to a suspended person.

What type of licenses and ID cards does the DHS currently accept to access its buildings and facilities and at TSA checkpoints?

Until full enforcement of REAL ID begins on May 3, 2023, DHS and its component agencies, including TSA at its airport security checkpoints, will continue to accept for identification purposes all Vermont Driver’s Licenses and ID cards, as Vermont has been recognized as a Real ID compliant.

I want a new photo on my license, learner permit or non-driver ID. How can I obtain one?

There will be a fee but you may get a new photo at any time for any reason.

Complete the necessary documents and schedule an appointment to visit an office.

What if I am a victim of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, or Stalking and do not want my address on my license?

The Safe at Home address confidentiality program, within the Office of the Secretary of State, was implemented to serve victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking.

The goal of the Safe at Home program is to help victims who have relocated or are about to relocate, in their effort to keep their perpetrators from finding them.

Safe at Home has two components: a substitute address service and a protected records service. These services limit a perpetrator’s ability to access public information that could identify the new location of a victim who is in the program. This is not a witness protection program, rather it is a mail forwarding service.

For more information visit the Secretary of State website.

Why is the license picture black and white?

B&W portrait is a byproduct of our cards being printed on polycarbonate (PC). PC has become the de facto card construction for IDs, particularly in the international market. The biggest advantage is that it is a fully fused, monolithic card that can’t be deconstructed to access the personalization data. 

In our previous cards, the personalization was applied to the surface of the card and thus offers an opportunity to attack the card by “opening it up”. 

Polycarbonate cards are personalized by laser writing and the personalization is in the card. Since the card is fully fused, it can’t be opened up to attack. Unfortunately, except with very expensive equipment, it is not possible to laser write a color image.

I’m having trouble with mail service, can I have my license/ID sent to another address?

 We offer a one time special mailing option to have your license/ID mailed to a different address from the address DMV has on file.

Can a business refuse to accept my Vermont license for identification?

The primary purpose of a Driver’s license is to establish that the license holder has the minimum skills required to safely operate a motor vehicle. Many entities have decided that this driving document can be accepted as proof of ID. The department does not have any authority to mandate that other entities accept our driving documents as proof of ID.

I live out-of-state I have to come back to Vermont to take an alcohol treatment program?

If you live in another state it is possible for you to take an alcohol treatment program in that state. It is very important that you contact Vermont's Project CRASH at (802) 651-1574 prior to enrolling in a program outside of Vermont. Not all alcohol treatment programs are accepted and you must make sure that you participate in an acceptable program.

Why didn't I receive anything telling me that I've been suspended?

Notices of suspension are mailed to your address as it appears on our computer system at the time that the suspension is issued. If you have moved and have not notified this Department of your new address (as required by law) you may not receive your written notice of suspension.

I paid my ticket(s) a long time ago ...why am I still under suspension?

Once a suspension for failure to pay a fine on a ticket or a citation goes into effect you must meet all requirements for reinstatement. In addition to paying your fine to the court you must pay a reinstatement fee to the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles. If you have paid your fine but have not paid your reinstatement fee you cannot be reinstated. There is no statute of limitations on driver suspensions ...they remain in effect until all requirements have been met and this Department has issued a notice of reinstatement.


Can I pay my tickets to the DMV along with my reinstatement fee?

The Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles does not accept payments for fines. These must be paid directly to the appropriate court.

When I went to court no one told me I had to complete an alcohol treatment program ...why is DMV telling me that I'm required to do this?

Vermont law requires that anyone suspended for an alcohol-related offense must complete an alcohol treatment program. The courts generally try to make you aware of this requirement at the time of your hearing, but if even if they fail to tell you about it you must meet this requirement.

My suspension was only supposed to be for a couple of weeks and I went under suspension years ago ...why am I still under suspension?

In Vermont there is no statute of limitations on driver suspensions. All driver suspensions remain on an individual's record and in effect until the individual has complied with all requirements related to the suspension and a reinstatement has been issued.

Why is a filing of Financial Responsibility Insurance required for an offense involving alcohol?

The Vermont legislature passed a law that became effective on April 29, 1998 making it mandatory for an individual to file Financial Responsibility Insurance for all criminal alcohol-related offenses. In 2000 the Vermont legislature passed a law that became effective on July 1, 2000 making it mandatory for an individual to file Financial Responsibility Insurance for a civil alcohol-related offenses.

If the only reason I've been suspended is because I don't have Financial Responsibility Insurance on file with the DMV do I have to pay the Department a reinstatement fee?

No, the reinstatement fee is not required if the only suspension on your record is for insurance purposes.

Where do I send a reinstatement fee?

You can pay your reinstatement fee online, or at our main office in Montpelier, or mail your reinstatement fee to Vermont DMV, 120 State Street, Montpelier, VT 05603-0001 (to the attention of Driver Improvement), together with a paper stating that you are paying your reinstatement fee and providing your full name, your date of birth and your current mailing address. DO NOT MAIL CASH.

I've moved to Vermont from another state do I change my driver license to a Vermont Driver License?

Bring your current license, proof of identity, DOB & SSN, and proof of Vermont residency to a DMV office to obtain a Vermont license.